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In 2020 McWhat was launched by Lucy to deliver real content to real people.

Covering all aspects of lifestyle blogging; beauty, fashion, skincare, travel and food – join Lucy as she negotiates life as a twenty-something professional in Glasgow, dealing with real life and dreams whilst lusting after clear skin and a wardrobe to envy.

Lucy is sitting smiling at the camera, she has lilac hair and is wearing a green dress
Fenty Glossybox containing products with black and nude packaging
Lucy is wearing a white t-shirt and black blazer, she has shoulder length pink hair
A collection of items creating a fashion collage including a gold glitter clutch bag and green scarf
A close up of various meats and mozzarella
Food and Drink
An image of an old building in Verona, it's built from stone and has an archway
This is an x-ray of a spine after spinal fusion surgery

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