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10 Post-Lockdown Locations To Visit in Glasgow

To be honest, I'm pretty used to the new normal. I'm an introvert to begin with, so staying home and communicating through emails kinda suits me.

However, I do miss the freedom to actually get out and about.

So where am I keen to visit in Glasgow in a post-lockdown era?

1. The Hairdressers

My first stop needs to be the hairdresser's. I've missed the girls at Opulent in Baljaffrey, I can't wait to book in for a gab and get rid of my roots.

2. Bilberry Cocktail Bar

Inside the Lorne hotel, it's a wee hidden gem. I love Bukhara, the hotel restaurant but the cocktail bar is one of my favourite places for a quick cocktail before dinner or when deciding where to go.

After launching at the start of the year we booked in for dinner and had probably one of the best meals of my life. We'd been booked in for April but obviously service was postponed - so I can't wait until it opens up again. We've done a lot of home-cooking so i'm buzzing for a post-lockdown scran.

4. A Wander In The West End

There's nothing I love(d) more than spending a day wandering the West End, popping in and out of shops and stopping for the odd drink here or there. One of my favourite spots to end up in is Hillhead Bookclub - sitting among the eclectic decor with a glass of wine is a top class way to spend an evening.

5. The Corinthian

So not my scene, but both times I've been I've had amazing nights. We went to a stunning wedding there in January and went last October for our wedding anniversary and spent the night drinking fancy cocktails and frittering away our money in the underground casino.

6. Buzzing For Brownies

In Milngavie precinct, The Honeybee Bakery has everything you could possibly want in a bakery - beautiful decor, lovely staff and most importantly, the best home baking this side of Glasgow. I can't wait to get back for one of their cheesecake brownies, if you haven't tried them yet you're seriously missing out.

7. The Thornwood

I've shared my love for The Thornwood before on my blog, and that hasn't waned a bit. Right on the bus route from where I live, it's the perfect first stop for heading into the West end.

8. Make Me Blush

I don't often spend money on beauty treatments, but when I do, I go to Blush. I've been going since they opened and are the only people I'd trust with my holiday waxing. Since I don't think we'll be going anywhere exotic this year it might be an eyebrow wax and I might even push it to a massage.

9. Brunch Club

You can’t have freedom without brunch. Café Strange Brew in the south side is where you want to be. From something as simple as a roll and square sausage (vegan if you want) to something more convoluted, they have it all. They even stock Rapscallion Soda – made right here in Glasgow.

10. Primark

I’ve missed it.

Where are you excited to head to once lockdown's been lifted?


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