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2021 Lust Haves

*This blog post contains affiliate links*

Five days into the new year and we’ve been papped back into another national lockdown, I’ve genuinely lost count of how many we’ve had so far.

I managed to snag one of the ASOS Beauty Boxes yesterday afternoon, so I’m looking forward to it arriving and sharing it with you; but beforehand I wanted to highlight a few of my favourite beauty products ahead of going into a new year – and lockdown.

Last year was the first time I’d properly tried acid exfoliants and while I love their effectiveness, I did take it too far and absolutely destroy my skin barrier, Merry Christmas to me indeed. So, as much as they’re not the ‘in’ thing, I do have a soft spot for a physical exfoliant.

So while I can’t be trusted to use these products appropriately, other people can. The Lactic Acid in this toner helps to resurface skin and get rid of any dead skin hanging around while encouraging pores to look clear and on their best behaviour.

REN suggest applying this to a cotton pad day and night, however this is what I did and instead of having a lovely glowy complexion, I got a handful of big sore spots, a chin like sandpaper and lots of flaking skin.

I have stripped my skincare right back to a cleanser and moisturiser to help heal right now, but when I pick this back up in a week or so, I’ll be starting off maybe once every other day.

I have a story that goes along with this, that looking back I think was my real skincare awakening. Four years ago I got my makeup done at Space NK in Glasgow, I had a wedding to go to and had been in a bit of a funk as I’d graduated Uni and lost my job at the same time – I was really struggling mentally and emotionally and in reality I had another month of unemployment before I’d get a break and start at my current employer. So my parents gave me some money to go for a makeover – which sounds very entitled I know, but I’ve worked since I could and often more than one job through Uni so it’s not as if it happened often.

I hadn’t realised that SpaceNK wasn’t your usual Boots pricing and after my makeup, totally shat myself at the price of the products used. At the time you only need to either buy one product or pay whatever for the makeup look, so I bought the lip product that was used – which is the story of how I dropped £40 on a lipgloss. Even now I wouldn’t dream of spending that.

But, treat yo’self and all that.

When I purchased this, I was given a handful of samples to try, which even from that age I was thrilled with – I love being able to try something a little bit luxurious when I’m a broke bitch.

In the little bundle were two little green sachets of a facial scrub, and as I mentioned earlier I love a physical scrub so I used one the next day and was blown away with how soft and smooth my skin felt without being irritated from the scrubbing motion.

The other sachet I hoarded for literally years until Simon and I went to a wedding and we stayed overnight in a hotel – remember when we could do that? There seems to be a theme here, I don’t seem to have any financial sense when I’m buzzing about weddings.

I took this sachet and used it again, and told myself that one day I’d buy a tub of this when I could afford it. Some people have a goal to buy a fancy car, I just wanted a fab face scrub.

Anyway, 2020 was my year. Goldfaden MD came across my radar when I was buying an Olaplex kit on SpaceNK: oddly enough I hadn’t shopped there since my makeover. There was a promo on and I decided to bite the bullet and order the holy grail of scrubs. I have a couple of Clarins scrubs to finish off before I crack it open, but when I do you best believe it’s over for you bitches.

This is a super boujie recommendation for me, I got a sample tube of seven capsules through a Facebook ad and fell head-over-heels for it. My mum is always demented trying to get suggestions for Christmas gifts from me, so this year when I mentioned how much I enjoyed using these capsules she popped a box into the advent calendar she made for me.

Given how expensive these are, they aren’t an every day product in my routine – more of an intense serum for when I’ve exfoliated or dermaplaned, I’m not about to waste them on a day in the house!

If I’m not using my trusty Soap and Glory body products, I always go for Sanctuary. I love the fragrance of The Sanctuary products, the combination of citrus and bergamot as top notes along with the base of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli is a gorgeous sensual scent which really does create a spa-like sensation in your own shower.

Compared to other, pricier shower oils, this works just as well and is really a pleasure to use.

Do I have the slightest idea what a ceramide is? No. Will I use them in any formula possible? You bet.

I picked this up in a set along with a serum and liquid toner on ASOS and I absolutely love it. It claims to heal and support healthy skin barrier function – which is exactly what I needed. It comes out in a slightly tinted shade, so I’m not certain what it’s like on deeper skintones as I’m very pale. It makes me feel like I have a very sheer layer of something on my face, but this may be in my head.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been following Caroline Hirons closely this year in order to improve my skin, though I haven’t been able to pick up one of her seasonal kits, I’ve made an effort to check out some of the more raved about brands.

One that was completely new to me was Jane Scrivner. I love a brand where you can feel like you understand its origins and ‘know’ the brand. The JS products contain the best possible quality of ingredients, ensuring that these are full of nutrients and traceable back to the very field it was grown.

I picked up some samples of the Bioluronic Buzz, Skinfoliate, Skin Elixir oil and the Over Oil Cream; while I absolutely loved each of these samples the, the ‘OO’ cream was definitely the stand-out product. Applied over your facial oil, this thick cream helps to seal in serums and oils, forming a layer to protect against trans epidermal water loss.

Of course I have many other products that I reach for, but these are my go-tos right now.

Have you tried out any of these before? I'd love to know what you think about them.

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