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A New Idole

I wanted to share my most recent obsession; Lancome's Idole.

At Boots' Christmas launch I tried it and fell in love, however I don't tend to buy perfume particularly often. Sometimes I get perfume from family or from Simon, but mostly my bottles last forever so it's rare that I try something different.

I tend to play it safe with light floral scents such as Marc Jacobs Daisy or Decadence, and sometimes more exotic fragrances like Calvin Kleins Euphoria, so this isn't a huge departure.

The jasmine and rose really come through with just a spritz or two enough to really get the scent, as a light fragrance it certainly packs a punch and is long lasting without being overbearing.

One thing I do love is the compact bottle design, all too often perfume bottle designs are super bulky and aren't particularly handbag friendly. An added bonus to Idole, is that in certain stores the bottles are refillable, so cutting down on bottle wastage.

Idole is a very flat bottle, the 25ml is perfectly palm-sized which is great to take on a night out.

This is a little more expensive than I'd normally be comfortable paying, though I am in love so I may need to splurge and treat myself!


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