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A Soaper Gift

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

If you've ever been a teenage girl or encountered one, you'll no doubt have come across Soap and Glory's distinctive packaging and scent.

The pastel pink products have been a staple on my Christmas lists for the last decade with various scents instantly throwing me back to different points in my life.

Each year they release a blockbuster gift in Boots, I've received a couple of these in the past few years - they're excellent due to the value of the products, but also tend to come in a large tin or sturdy box and so can be reused for storing products.

This year's tin has been designed by @ZukiCreates, and I love it! I do realise I haven't taken a photo of the actual tin so I will try to rectify this... However Zuki's Instagram is my new obsession, make sure you check it out!

This year my Mum gave me the tin of products and I was actually blown away by how much they managed to squeeze in, including a couple of items that don't tend to feature usually. Sweet Tintations contents: Clean On Me shower gel Scrub of Your Life body scrub The Righteous Butter body butter Original Pink body spray Fizz-A-Ball bath bomb Wonditioner intensive hair mask Face, Soap and Clarity vitamin C face wash Bright + Beautiful face mask Hand Food nourishing hand cream Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lipgloss Thick & Fast high definition mascara

I've mentioned a couple of these products before on my blog and in particular I am a religious user of their mascaras and body scrub, however I've never come across the deep conditioning mask before so I'm really keen to give this a whirl. Another real pulling point for using Soap and Glory is that the range is cruelty-free though not strictly vegan due to the beeswax used in the products. My mum went vegan last year so I know that it's great peace of mind for her to know that she's buying something in line with her ethics that I'll definitely use.

Full price, the tin is £60 which is cracking value when considering that the products are all full-size, in Boots after Christmas sale the set is down to just £30 - even if you've never tried the products it's the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a big chunk of their range. Of the 11 products included in the set, there is just one that I don't think I'll be able to use. Due to having quite bad eczema I can only use baby bath gel if having a bath, though I do like to unwrap fizzers and keep them in the bathroom as you do get the benefit of the scent from them.


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