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A Virtual Christmas Celebration with Lush

*this post contains gifted products*

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, It’s not quite time for Blogmas to kick off – but boy am I ready for that Festive feeling!

I was delighted to be invited to a Lush virtual Christmas event with Lush Glasgow Fort by The Empowerment Agency.

I love Lush, but I find their products – and stores to be a little overwhelming, so I haven’t tried as many products as I’d have liked to; this all changed as I was introduced to four of their Festive must-haves.

Through the week I received a parcel – Simon was definitely cursing me until I let him know they were PR products! Once we battled through the eco-flo chips – a polystyrene alternative made from a potato starch base that I can’t wait to chuck into my composter, our living room was filled with fragrance and glitter – not that I’m complaining.

Joining the Google Meet I was a little apprehensive, seven months on and I’m still not totally on board with the old video call! Luckily I spotted a few familiar faces and both team members from Lush, Vicky and Florence were super friendly and knowledgeable about the products in question and about any other query posed to them.

The first product we looked at was the Candy Cane lip scrub, it’s years since I’ve used a lip scrub of any variety and I’m not sure why! This is incredible, made from caster and extra-fine sea salt it has a a nice gritty texture but holds together well. The peppermint oil stimulates nerve endings due to containing menthol, so you get a lovely cooling tingle while the ethically-sourced Jojoba Oil helps to absorb into the lips.

There are a few lush products with glitter in them, we were reassured that this is plastic-free and doesn’t pose a risk to the environment.

The second product we had the chance to sample was the Snow Fairy bubble bar. Celebrating 15 years on sale, the classically Christmas scent contains synthetic musk which along with the iconic candyfloss scent and Persian lime oil; which acts as a natural astringent to slow the natural ageing process, creates the product that’s been highly anticipated under Christmas Trees for more than a decade.

The third product in the parcel was the Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire shower gel. At first sniff I wasn’t completely sold on it, but actually upon coming back to it I became more keen. The marzipan-scent calms skin with soothing oat milk and chestnut puree while stimulating with Cassia Oil.

The Lush lid recycling scheme was highlighted, as so many recycling centres only accept selected types of household recycling, Lush accept plastic bottle lids in-store where they transport them to Poole to be broken down and then turned into plastic boards by Storm Board – these can be turned into waterproof furniture such as wall cladding, chairs and benches. The materials have been used to create a play area at a refugee camp in France – so without even spending a penny in Lush you can Do Good.

The last of the products we had the chance to try out was the I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas bath bomb, and it was certainly the cutest. Named for a 50’s Christmas song, the hippopotamus floats in your bath and fizzes away leaving trails of raspberry and popping candy. The cold-pressed Raspberry seed oil offers up a soothing sensation, relaxing both body and mind while the Grapefruit oil – affectionately termed as ‘sunshine in a bottle’ is ethically sourced from five different countries.

So for the first year, I may be joining the hordes queuing and sampling in the addictively fragranced stores.

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