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Celebrating Halloween in 2020

*this blog contains affiliate links*

I love autumn, and I love the concept of Halloween as it signifies that my birthday’s almost on top of us – as a Birthday Princess my birthday is literally my favourite day of the year.

Since 2020 has been scarier than any Halloween costume I could fashion, I won’t be dressing up of making any real plans – I always make sure to have a bowl of sweets ready, but in the two Halloweens we’ve lived in our house we haven’t had a single person come to our door.

In order to get in the mood I wanted to pull together some ideas to help you get spooky without breaking the bank and also supporting some UK businesses during a pretty crap time.

Etsy have some great suggestions for how you can get into the Halloween spirit here but here are some of my suggestions:

These autumn leave earrings are absolutely gorgeous – they’re a great way to celebrate Autumn without going too hard on the pumpkin imagery.

For £11, these are so detailed and delicate, with three colour options they're easily differentiated as gifts.

These little Halloween swag bags are the cutest ever, if your little ones aren’t getting a proper tick or treating experience this is a super easy way to make the day a little bit more fun for them.

The seller offers a multi purchase discount, but a single bag is just £5.99 and is so cute it’s unreal.

I’m obsessed with this decal.

To be honest, it’s exactly what my spare bedroom looks like all the time as my cat Izzy loves sitting by the window nosying at our neighbours.

There are a whole host of different ‘spooky’ images you can choose from, but as a self confessed Cat Mom I’m obv going for my wee Izzy lookalike.

A 2020 Halloween wouldn’t be a 2020 Halloween without a face mask inclusion…

These face masks aren’t just good looking – and they really are! They’re triple layered and reversible.

Since it looks like we’re gonna be masked up for the foreseeable, I’m seeing them as knickers.

An investment and not something you wanna cheap out on.

Tell me this isn’t the best t-shirt you’ve ever seen and I’ll call you a liar.

This is the best thing I’ve seen in ages, it comes in both black and white so gives a wee bit of variety and everyone loves a cheeky pun.

Not much else to say except that it’s going straight in my basket!

I’ve never been mad into pins and badges, I don’t like to push these through the fabrics of my clothes, but I’d destroy ever garment I own for this pin.

Slight exaggeration, but it’s bloody adorable!

Just £7.65 and to be honest, I’d absolutely wear this all year round!

All this, and no real Halloween decorations, what am I playing at.

These name decorations are the cutest, you could have your surname on your front door or have first names and hang on bedroom doors – I think these are adorable.

Easily personalised, these would make lovely gifts for others too.

Halloween baking – if you’ve ever been a Brownie Guide – is a rite of passage.

These little bat molds are super cute, and if we’re likely to be stuck home on the 31st will help to make the night a little bit more fun and ticks the box for sweet treats!

What are your plans for the 31st? I had finally managed to convince my husband to do a couple costume, and now I’m thinking he somehow knew this was coming…

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