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Day 7 - Ultimate Vegan Etsy Gift Guide

*this blog contains affiliate links*

In 2018 my mum went vegetarian, she made a Vegan friend who convinced her to try going meat-free for a month. At the time we all thought this was hilarious, we ate meat for near enough every meal, sometimes more than one at a time – hi there smoked sausage mincey pasta.

She managed it, and she’s never looked back. Slowly she began looking into alternatives for dairy products, not a massive milk or cheese fan but conscious of hidden ingredients in store-bought products she experimented with different vegan cheeses, fell in love with houmous and even made moves to give up her beloved leather shoes.

If everyone went Vegan, we could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce emissions by two thirds and avoid climate damages by $1.5 trillion.

I won’t tell you she’s a perfect Vegan, but she’s better than I am as she makes a real effort.

I figured that I can’t be the only person buying for someone with this ethos and I’ve found it a struggle at times, so thought I’d take some of the hard work out of it for you!

Gifts For The Home

Bestseller Candle Set (3) Handmade with Essential Oils – Vegan and Plastic Free.

This VeganBunnyCo set includes their bestselling candles, the blend of natural soy wax and pure essential oils makes for a magical scented experience.

Each set contains Lavender, Chai Latte and Ginger & Lemongrass created with green and vegan energy and with no wood-based oils requiring tree cutting.

Make your order extra special for gifting with a typewritten note on handmade paper, and add the gift wrapping option to receive your purchase packaged in a handmade envelope with dried flowers and linen ribbon.

Small gifts are £21 and large are £35

Photo: Helena Rose Photography c/o VeganBunnyCo

I love apothecary style packaging, and these little brown glass jars from EmberandRoots are super cute and come with a huge range of ten scents including Fig & Forest, Pink Peony and Berry & Bramble. The candles come in three sizes with 60ml for £7.50, 180ml for £14 and 500ml for £30.

Labels on orders can be customised with your text of choice which makes this a perfect personalised gift for absolutely anyone, and with a gift wrap service these would make gorgeous presents.

Each of these Soy Candles are entirely plastic-free with natural paper wicks handmade to a secret recipe.

These boho-style bowls are perfect for the more seasoned Vegan recipient. The bowls originate from the Ben Tre region in Southern Vietnam where farmers sell coconut by-products such as oils and milks. Once harvested, the coconut shells were burned to make space – by shopping with Jungle Culture you’re helping to provide a secondary income to local farmers and preventing unnecessary burning.

With four patterns, the bows come in a range of sets. The single bowl set comes with a handcarved spoon for £11.49, the two bowl set comes with two spoons, a bamboo straw with a pouch and brush for £17.99 and the four bowl set has four spoons, four spoons, two bamboo straws with pouches and brushes for £30.99.

you can pick up matching cutlery sets here that make a great alternative to plastic disposable products.

I’m completely in love with this Venus body candle; these 100% natural soy wax candles are sustainable, vegan friendly and gluten free – and due to being fragrance-free are perfect for people with allergies or sensitivities.

From CandleConnosseir and coming in seventeen colours, the Black is definitely on my wishlist.

Food Gifts

Something I see people struggle with is finding sweets that don’t contain animal byproducts so this gift box is a great idea for those with a super sweet tooth.

This 1.5kg box from Rubydoobys contains a variety of 45 different sweets including Fizzy Cherry Bottles to Fruity Meerkats, the combination comes inside a lidded box that you can add a string and gift note to for that someone special. For £14.99, this is another gift that looks like it would be a perfect pre-christmas gift for a couple or family – or for a sweetie fan.

A perfect gift for those just getting started in their journey towards a Vegan lifestyle or those just interested in sustainability, food wraps are an unglamorous but essential, essential.

BeeZeroWaste sells a set of ten wraps for £22.95 which might seem steep initially, but when you consider that they negate the need for Tupperware or cling film when keeping food fresh. The wraps are handmade in the UK using plant-based waxes, natural Pine resin and 100% cotton fabric; while the wraps are sticky enough to do their job, they manage to do so without leaving a residue on your hands.

The pack of wraps come in four sizes and come in a random selection of colours, so will make a lovely addition to any kitchen!

Is there anything more indulgent than vanilla fudge? OnlineSweetShop has the cutest tin of dairy-free fudge in the option of Vegan Vanilla or Vegan Chocolate, for £9.95.

Handmade, hand-cut and handpacked, each purchase is made to order to ensure the highest possible quality.

This is a perfect stocking filler, and can neither confirm nor deny that it’s on my list of gifts to buy…

Gift Hampers

ElliesEcoShop has curated the perfect Vegan starter kit. Packaged beautifully in a box, the bathroom starter box provides everything needed to start your own zero waste and plastic free journey, something we should all endeavour to do.

Maybe you know someone interested in reducing their plastic use or become more eco-aware, every product in this box is super useful. With a bamboo toothbrush, an organic vegan shampoo bar, biodegradable cotton ear buds and reusable makeup remover pads – among other items – this haul is a really thoughtful gifts, and with the packaging all 100% plastic free and either recycled or upcycled, ElliesEcoShop have shown that you don’t need to compromise on aesthetic for your ethics.

At £65, this BathandWick ultimate gift hamper isn’t just something for under the tree, but for someone a little more difficult to buy for, this selection would make a gorgeous gift.

Inside a reusable gift box tied with a satin bow, there’s a delightful mix of products including a 100-hour candle, a Himalayan soap bar, a solid shampoo bar, bath salts, whipped shea butter Jasmine and Lime bath bomb and many other items.

With an RRP of £75 and a £5 voucher for your next purchase included in each gift box, the value for money of this set is fab.


This ultra light, slimline design wallet is half the weight of leather but made of durable cork material. The eco-friendly product comes with a pocket for keeping loose change separate and is secured with a single button.

Even the packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, at £10.99 this would make a lovely stocking filler or be a great first step into eco-friendly products.

This little bracelet would make a gorgeous little stocking filler, made in the style of a friendship bracelet you can choose from a range of colours for the hemp cord – the idea behind the wish bracelet is that you make a wish as you place it on your wrist and over time the cord wears out and it comes true.

Each bracelet includes a dinosaur charm and is mounted on recycled card and wrapped in a biodegradable cellophane sleeve.

A really easy change that anyone can make in an effort to be more eco-conscious is to ditch the single-use cotton pads in favour of reusable pads. The waste generated from these – as convenient as they are – is massive, so any change at all is certainly for the better.

This pack of 16 Bamboo cotton pads are washable and reusable up to 1,000 times so they’re long lasting and designed to remove even the most heavy of makeup looks.

Another great gift that’s both long lasting and eco friendly, this solid shaving bar is an ideal way to reduce both the packaging from traditional shaving foam cans and the cost of frequent repurchasing.

With a scent inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, the SLS-free bar lathers up leaving its floral scent on the skin.

There are a few gift sets in this guide, but this one would be absolutely perfect for someone interested in eye-catching beauty products.

Each gift box contains 2 body soaps, a solid conditioner bar, mini shampoo bar, a face soap with wooden soap dish, lip balm and 10 organic cotton face pads with mesh pouch. The scents on offer include aloe vera, orange & ginger – but from the listing there are loads of different options to choose from.

I’m not super into backpacks, but I think this bumble bee vegan-leather bag is the cutest. Designed in three colourways with the distinctive gold bee, this would make such a gorgeous gift.

With multiple pockets for organising and storing, the bags are super versatile with the straps having the ability to be used in a range of ways. The Vegan leather is made from a patented mix of non-animal products that are both sustainable and innovative such as cotton fibers, pineapple leaves and recycled polyester.

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many makeup brushes – mainly because I’m far too lazy to clean mine, it’s like a full day job that I don’t have the patience for!

This 11 piece bamboo set of brushes is handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo and recycled aluminium, all brushes are vegan and totally luxurious providing an effortless application. Included in an organic cotton storage bag is a blusher brush, highlighting brush, small flat brush and a mini kabuki brush – but the set includes everything you’ll need to create a variety of looks.

This is pretty niche, but this faux leather Singer Sewing Machine wallet immediately jumped out at me and begged to be listed in this gift guide.

Coming from Clydebank, Singers is a massive part of our history and it’s impact upon not only our town but the wider area shouldn’t be underestimated. The wallet’s listing mentions being an iPhone case, so it’s certainly sturdy enough to hold the form of a phone, but this would make a lovely coin purse or handbag tidy as it looks like the perfect size for a lip balm, perfume sample and Kirby grips!


I can't believe I'm seven days in to Blogmas, it's far more stressful than I expected - but I'm enjoying it so far.

I'd love to know what thought of my ultimate vegan gift guide, let me know!


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