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Does spending more on makeup brushes make a difference?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

For the longest time I didn’t really believe that makeup brushes were something worth investing money into. I’d order a pack of 20 brushes via Amazon for less than a fiver and be happy enough with the outcome.

Over the years I’d acquired various one-off brushes from Real Techniques and Spectrum, among other brands - and they were all pretty so-so, doing the job to a decent standard. I didn’t even really consider that a change the application of my products could give me noticeably better results.

I had seen quite a bit of hype surrounding the Lara Faye brushes and how they’re a total makeup bag must-have.

Who are Lara Faye?

Two of my favourite Insta gals, Alanna and Gill are massive fans of Lara Faye brushes so on their recommendation I picked up a couple of brushes to find out what the fuss was about.

Lara Faye London was launched with the intention of connecting consumers with high quality makeup tools and accessories – essentially anything you need to apply the contents of your makeup bag flawlessly.

Cruelty-free and vegan, Lara Faye brushes are handcrafted and have been designed and weighted to balance beautifully in hand whilst giving the most polished finish.

High quality materials produce high quality products; Lara Faye brushes have been designed collaboratively alongside working makeup artists to ensure that everything from appearance to finish is up to the highest possible standard.

Super-soft bristles mean that brushes are perfect for applying and blending on even sensitive skin and helps to ensure the most flawless application.

While best-known for their brushes, Lara Faye are also smashing it when it comes to blending sponges, brush soaps and cleansing mats.

What are my top picks?

Everything you need to ensure your products are kept in tip-top condition. Lara Faye brush soaps are hand poured in the UK in small batches using a gentle formula that ensures a deep clean.

Use alongside the brush mat to lather and remove product build up and bacteria.

The Lara Faye Kabuki Brush is flat topped and perfect for buffing and blending foundation to give an even and streak free application.

Nano-fibre bristles give serious softness whilst the copper ferrule bonding ensures optimum quality and longevity.

Okay, this set is EVERYTHING. This kit contains absolutely every brush you could possibly need to get a flawless face of makeup. Inside a super handy travel case, you’ll find fifteen brushes; one lip brush, six face brushes and eight eye brushes.

I bought this as a Christmas gift last year as I managed to get a great deal on it - but you know that I'll be trying to snag one this year - for myself!

Brand new on site, this kit contains 15 must-have brushes ideal for beauty addicts, pros or total beginners.

Find seven face brushes and eight eye brushes to allow you to ace your base and create the perfect smoky eye.


Are they worth it?

While I’ve done a complete 180 on makeup brushes, I know that splurging on these isn’t always an easy choice.

I found that the Lara Faye brushes are more efficient as they don’t draw up product the same way other brands do meaning that less product is wasted.

Also, quite often Lara Faye run some seriously sweet offers on their site, including 10% off your first order.

One this I noticed straight away was that my makeup was lasting longer, with the brushes buffing rather than simple spreading the product on my skin, it meant that liquid formulations were melting in rather than sitting on the surface of my skin - and then transferring to fabrics! My eyeshadows also began to blend more naturally, requiring less product and being less irritating to my eyelids.

You can browse the full range of Lara Faye products here, or follow them over on Instagram – plus, use Alanna’s exclusive discount code to save 25% (ATA25).

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