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Dry Skin Diaries - Serums and Sprays, Oh My!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

*This blog contains affiliate links*

This post will cover serums and sprays that I think are effective for dry skin and really work, without blowing your budget.

For a long time I thought serums were synonymous with thick, gloopy and sticky. I guess I must have had a bad experience with one, because what I use couldn’t be further from the truth. To be honest this isn’t a step I always use, I can take it or leave it but if I’m really good with my routine because I have time to spare I’ll make sure to use it.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Serum was my first proper experience using products for dry skin that really worked, and when using the whole range together they were really effective. It’s lightly scented but not really clinical and sinks into skin really quickly – there’s nothing worse than faffing.

The other serum I use more frequently is the Neutrogena Hydroboost. I mentioned HERE that I’ve been using the matching cleanser and really liking it as a product, I find this serum much thicker and while it is a little heavier it doesn’t feel like it won’t sink it – more like it’s giving my skin a proper treat. The bottle is filled with little silver beads that break up when pumper through the dispenser and release hyaluronic acid as and when it’s needed which is a pretty clever idea when targeting dryness.

Hand holding This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum

Another serum I’ve been sampling is This Works’ Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum, I got this in one of my Look Fantastic subscription boxes and while I haven’t used it much, I really like it.

I’m trying to make it last me, so I’ll use it when I’ve had makeup on the previous day but giving my skin a rest – it’s a thinner formulation but lovely and smooth and great for making skin feel plump.

Facial sprays are a great way to keep skin feeling hydrated, refresh makeup and cool yourself down when on holiday. My absolute go-to is Superdrug’s Vitamin E Hydrating Mist – just like the rest of the range, it’s a lovely fresh product that lasts well. In the summer I keep it in the fridge so that when it’s hot I can give myself a wee skoosh of it.

My only qualm over it would be that the spray mechanism is pretty forceful – it doesn’t spray in a fine mist it’s a little more full-on! Once you know this though you can hold it slightly further away and move it as you spray to help disperse it a little better.

My favourite one for travelling is The Body Shop’s Mandarin Energising Face Mist, at 60ml it’s a great product for stashing in your hand luggage and was used greatly when we went to Naples last year. The heat of city streets in 36 degrees combined with a pale, sweaty Scottish girl was not a beautiful combination. This was great to rehydrate and cool down and stop any huffing!

Inglot’s Refreshing Face Mists come in different formulations depending on skin type. The pink-coloured one is infused with peach essence and is great for targeting drier skin. Their 50ml bottle is a great travel size too, but sadly as I bought this in March it hasn’t left the house. Thanks a lot Corona. I tend to use this while doing my makeup rather that a skincare step as it is a higher price point and isn’t one it’d be spritzing willy nilly.

The last face spray I use is MAC’s Fix +; part of their Prep and Prime range. I am onto my third bottle of this while at least tells you it’s worth a purchase as I have very little brand loyalty – I shop where the deals are!

Again, Fix + for me is more of a makeup product rather than a skincare product – I would use it on foundation and concealer to ensure a smooth, flake-free base. This is probably the least travel-friendly option – granted it is 100ml, but it’s a bit bulky and would take up most of the space in your little plastic bag.

Next up, we’ll be talking moisturising.


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