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Fashion Victim; Three Ways to Wear the Must-Have Dress

*This article contains affiliate links*

Well hello, and welcome back to McWhat for 2021 - I'm looking forward to another year of sharing my top products and recommendations with you.

It’s a little while since I’ve had a chance to bring you a Three Ways to Wear edit; really it’s been a while since I’ve brought much other than a sale round-up. For that I’m sorry, that’s not why either of us are here.

I’ll be sharing more in the coming days, but 2021 is going to be a year of organisation for me and less of a mad dash in all aspects of my life.

This Three Ways to Wear is one that I’m genuinely excited to bring you. We all know I’m a sucker for a Primark basic or anything with a reduced tag, but I’ve managed to find you an absolute essential item, and I’m going to show you three ways to wear it all year round.

Harkel is a brand I came across during lockdown when I purchased the very dress I’m going to show you in this post; they have super quirky and cool pieces, and their prices are really realistic.

Harkel is a vibrant fashion brand, bringing something bold and exciting to your wardrobe.
Harkel was born out of a desire for something different and something fun. Despite the deluge of brands, and mountains of clothes on offer, we weren’t finding pieces that made us excited; clothes with that something special about them.
Seeing the same old perennials in the stores year after year, brown for autumn, pastels for summer, we felt like there was something missing and a gap in the market. Harkel emerged to bring a new sense of fun and vitality into the mix!”

No matter what dress or skirt I’m wearing, if I can’t wear it with my Dr Martens, I’m not interested – so it’ll be no surprise that a pair of trusty DMs feature here – but so do a classic sandal style; I’m chilly just thinking about it!

Look 1 – Perfect for winter weather, the jumper is an easy layer to quickly heat up when the chill hits or to cool off once the central heating kicks in – the chunky belt helps to cinch the waist in and avoid the ensemble looking a little too shapeless. Black tights are an essential in my book, I know for many they’re a total no-no, but when you have the body temp of a lizard they’re very much essential.

Look 2 – Ideal for if we ever return to the office – that day seems to be getting further and further away. But I'm saying nothing.

Look 3 – The third look I put together with this dress is very much a summer look. I have a cheek to, as I'm wrapped in a dressing gown with slipper socks on; I barely remember what the sun feels like on my skin.

But here I am, reminiscing about hot days in Italy, this would be be a perfect sightseeing look - the dress does have pockets but you can't go wrong with a smart backpack.

I had planned to wear my dress on Christmas Day, however the Christmas bloat beat me so it's still hanging in the wardrobe for another time - though I'm able to see how I can style it for other events through the year.

Have you seen something you like or purchased something I've suggested? Let me know!

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