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Get Gleaming Gnashers with Colgate

I’ve been really self conscious about my teeth for a long time, when my adult teeth grew in I looked like a rabbit because they were massive!

Due to always feeling like they’re out of proportion I hadn’t ever bothered to get them whitened – even though they’re nice and straight I always wanted to avoid drawing attention to them.

So when I got the Colgate Max White toothbrush I didn’t really know what to expect, generally I wouldn’t go for a branded toothbrush as I’ve always felt that they’re much of a muchness, but this brush comes with the unique ‘polishing star’ that helps to remove staining and reveal whiter teeth. And honestly, I think it does.

I drink a lot of coloured liquids which I know is bad for tooth discolouration – but if you think I’m gonna cut out my four coffee-a-day habit you have another thing coming!

Straight from the first use of the toothbrush, my teeth felt far cleaner than they have in a while and upon inspecting them afterwards they certainly looked brighter – I wan’t sure whether the star nestled among the bristles would feel uncomfortable on my teeth, I was envisioning it being a bit like a squeegee. However it isn’t something you really notice, my teeth feel far more polished than they would do if I had been using my old toothbrush.

I used the toothbrush with Colgate’s corresponding toothpaste which I think really helps to get the innovative polisher working the hardest.

The brush is really easy to work with too, you know yourself that sometimes a brush handle is too straight or slippery and it makes it harder to maneuver, or worse, your hand slips and you get a forceful brush head into your gum. The molded shape of the Max White means no slippage as you try to get into those awkward back bits.

Having tested the brush over the last few days I’ve been really impressed with it; so I can’t wait to see the difference in my teeth the longer I use it.

Perhaps with enough use, I won’t need whitening after all.

This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own


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