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Jolie Beauty: Glitter Goals

*this post contains gifted products*

While we’re just a little bit early for Blogmas, I have an exciting product that if you’ve any sense – and are a magpie like me – you’ll love!

Jolie Beauty got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their Glitter Palettes, ask a silly question guys!

As a shopaholic and self confessed makeup addict, there’s nothing I’d rather do than review a palette at the best of times, but with the addition of the glitter it was like Christmas came early!

The first thing to note about the brand is that their products are both Vegan and cruelty free, while many large brands are only beginning to make moves towards this it’s really reassuring to see a small online brand taking this into consideration and putting their ethics above their return.

The Bomb Dot Com Palette boasts 24 different shades made with cosmetic-standard glitter; while you can use it on eyelids it’s also ideal for festivals and getting glammed up for a night out – if we ever have the chance again!

The rose gold palette feels luxurious to the touch, lightweight whilst holding its own with the textured packaging. The inner lid gives way to a good-sized mirror, and with no fallout coating this – I’m expecting good things about the staying power on the skin.

Something I really like about this palette is that there’s no ambiguity when it comes to shade names, Sugar is a white glitter with flecks of silver and blue which will transform any matte shadow into the perfect icy look, while Infinity is reminiscent of clear blue pools, my mind goes to a luxurious infinity pool in the type of hotel I’d never be able to afford.

Cocoa is the perfect shade for adding some sparkle to a dark smoky eye, ideal for taking a simple look from day to night; while Ignite pushes the boundaries with a bold, red glitter bringing fire and warmth. With Christmas right around the corner, this is the perfect glitter for festive looks – and after the year we’ve had nobody would grudge you for going a little bit OTT on the 25th.

While this palette isn’t destined for your everyday face; or maybe it is – there are more sedate colours to choose from, ideal if you’re not as bold with your makeup looks or weary of using glitter.

There are three golden shades; Crowned, Golden Ticket and Just Jolie which to a certain extent are wearable and really different with Crowned having a cooler undertone and Just Jolie warming things right back up again as it shifts into more of an orange hue.

I think my favourite shade in the palette is Rosy, a pale mauve which would work with a huge variety of base colours and gives off a beautiful glitter.

Whether or not you’re on the hunt for a Christmas present for an adventurous makeup user or you’re looking to treat yo’self, the Bomb Dot Com palette from Jolie Beauty is at the top of my list of recommendations.

The Bomb Dot Com palette retails at £27.99 - but right now you can purchase for £20.99 with their Black Friday discount.

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