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LOOKFANTASTIC Mystery Beauty Box Deal

*This post contains affiliate links*

By now you must know about my love for a good Beauty Box, each month I have at least two dropping through the letter box. Well, actually they don’t fit – and the Postman always appears when I’m on the loo so it isn’t the most relaxing time to be unboxing!

I spotted a brilliant deal on LOOKFANTASTIC this evening and thought it was too good to pass up – they’ve released three mystery beauty boxes for £35 each with a cheeky little multibuy option if you’re feeling lucky.

You can pick up one for £35, two for £60 and three for £80 – but in order to make sure you receive different boxes you need to add the separately listed boxes rather than just altering the quantity!

Each box is a total mystery, but you’ll find brands such as Murad, REN, St Tropez and Estee Lauder – so the only question is; which box will you order?

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