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This month, LOOKFANTASTIC introduced their beauty recycling scheme ‘recycle:me’, aimed at reducing plastic waste within the beauty industry.

120 billion products end up in landfill each year, so it really is time that we start thinking smarter and addressing our shopping habits.

How can you get involved?

  1. Grab your empties, give them a scrub to make sure there isn’t any product left inside – if there is, make sure you use it up to prevent wastage!

  2. Using the online portal generate a returns form for either InPost or Hermes, this is completely free for you to do.

  3. Your products will wing their way to the LOOKFANTASTIC recycling team who will transform your empties into new products.

Once your recycling is received it’ll be sorted by their partner Storm Board, who convert waste plastic into a weather-proof alternative to plywood. These recycled boards can be repurposed into long-lasting materials for social projects including sustainable furniture, playground equipment and refugee shelters.

What can you recycle?

Plastic bottles and tubes, plastic lip products, eye and brow products including mascara wands and retractable liners, pumps and caps.

Do the products I’m recycling need to be beauty products?

Yes, unfortunately.

Do you need to have purchased your products from LOOKFANTASTIC?


By opting for plastic free packaging on products such as shampoo bars and switching out disposable wipes for reusable cotton pads you can further reduce the plastic waste generate.

Will you be making use of LOOKFANTASTIC’s recycling scheme?

Remember when you shop at LOOKFANTASTIC you can save 20% on thousands of products with my affiliate code LFTFLUCYMCOUAT!


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