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New Season Styling at Home with H&M

You may have seen on my Instagram that I’d been spending time updating our bedroom. It’s the last room we use regularly that we’d even considered working on.

Coming into winter, I think it's definitely the time of year to give your interiors a little shake up and get things looking a little cozier ahead of the long, cold nights.

Our living room has been completely redone, near enough the entire house was painted in Chic Shadow – no shade Mrs Hinch, but it’s just not me. Our kitchen is super bright and colourful, but I felt as though our bedroom was very dull and not very ‘us’.

Initially I wanted a real contrast of a black feature wall against super white, but Simon wasn’t a fan, so instead we decided on a dark grey feature wall with a very pale grey colour-matched from Farrow and Ball on the other walls. I used the B&Q colour match service, badly it seems, instead of matching the ‘Ammonite’ swatch, they colour matched the cream card it was backed onto. If I didn’t have shit luck I’d have nae luck.

I had Pinterest board upon Pinterest board for inspiration and each round of décor required some gentle persuasion of Simon, who is quite unadventurous when it comes to décor.

I absolutely love H&M Home, the Buchanan St store is the best thing to ever happen to me, and the worst for my bank balance.

£34.99 - Satin Pajamas

£12.99 - Linen Cushions

£79.99 - Glass Pendant

£69.99 - Velvet Curtain

£17.99 - Round Mirror

£3.99 - Wooden Hanger

£6.99 - Guest Towels

£12.99 - Espresso Set

I'd love to know what you think of my picks!

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