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One for... a Big Night Out

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

“First drink free.”

Three short words and I’m hooked.

I had been bombarded with photos of the new Revolution Mitchell Street since it opened, between Instagram photos, Bloggers sharing their cocktails and their sales manager posting tantalising deals on Linkedin.

We had a team member leave just before Christmas and we’d all agreed that we’d catch up once everyone’s busy lives had calmed down and we’d try to find somewhere we may get a decent deal.

Fast forward three and a half months, and I secured us a table for Revolution’s ‘Friday Club’, a deal where if you pre-book they’ll get your table the first round.

With it being table service, we were very well attended to – unfortunately the table I had booked didn’t transpire and we were in a separate area in the back that was set aside for a party later that night – however it was no problem to reserve us another table upon kicking-out time.

For our group of five, the initial area was too large for us to hear each other well – as we were there at that point for a catch up rather than a party, oh how that changed!

Very generously, one of the group bought everyone cocktails on the provisio that we all got different ones, we were 100% the bar staff’s least favourite table.

I went for the Espresso Martini, complete with chocolate popping candy.

I’m lucky to be married to someone that can make an amazing espresso martini, but this one certainly came close!

Unfortunately I followed this by getting on the wine, where it promptly went Pete Tong.

However, we did have our minds blown by a magician/hypnotist Cameron McTavish.

We were wowed by his sleight of hand and his deft hypnosis of our colleague Lorraine. Cue a video of her bewilderment as her glass floated by her face as he’d effectively rendered himself invisible, and us completely ending ourselves.

My evening ended shortly after getting the obligatory ‘bath pic’, though it wasn’t quite as glam as most of them…

Where to next?

A classic go-to in Glasgow is always The Blue Lagoon - as long as you don't mind braving the queue! There's nothing quite like the heartbreak of dropping your drunken sausage supper while in the taxi line.

Not ready to head home just yet? Tabac is another favourite of mine. Located just around the corner on Mitchell Lane, they offer great drinks in a quirky space.



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