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One for...a lazy Sunday

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It’s always odd returning to somewhere you used to frequent.

No matter whether it was your local, or you worked there – in my case both are true – so many little things change and although you can still picture your friends sitting in a booth with a round of pints taking part in the quiz, the vibe maybe isn’t quite right anymore.

I experienced this at the weekend, and while it’s unnerving to have so many things change, it’s nice to have some little constants.

We visited 55 Bar Grill in Bearsden for dinner. We had both had a pretty busy weekend and to be honest, neither felt too much like cooking.

Since 55’s latest rebrand they seem to have chopped and changed their menu quite frequently, however currently offer a decent deal on a Sunday of two burgers, a snack and a side for £15.

Considering that in other establishments near this location you could easily pay £15 for one burger I found that to be fair value for money.

Your ‘snacks’ are typical starters, however not your usual pub grub.

We opted for Halloumi fries with a chilli jam dip, also on offer were tempura battered king prawns, haggis and black pudding scotch egg and crispy cauliflower and smoked cheddar potato croquettes.

The three fair-sized chunks came quickly and could not be faulted. The dips were lovely and the cheese had a lovely golden batter.

We chose two different burgers to try out:

Bacon Cheese Burger; ogleshield cheddar, streaky bacon, American mustard, crispy onions and ‘frickles’ – I’ll admit to have being baffled by this, until I realised it was a fried pickle!

Buttermilk Cajun Chicken, Cheese and Bacon Burger; sriracha mayo, ogleshield cheddar, streaky bacon and frickles.

I can’t vouch for the beefburger, however the chicken burger was incredible.

I hadn’t tried a buttermilk chicken before this but I would absolutely return purely for this. My only complaint would be that it was very, very oily – I know this comes with the territory of a fried burger however the oil that dripped off felt slightly excessive.

Our side was just simply a portion of chunky chips, which compared to the burger were nothing I haven’t had elsewhere. Fluffy potato with the right amount of crisp = banging.

If you’d visited the bar while it was Den you may have found it to be unsure of it’s own standing and quite a dark space. This has more than been dealt with, from a paint job on the existing furniture to brighten it up and a much more welcoming bar area with backlights and artificial plants.

Image credit to 55 Bar Grill Facebook page

With its new lease of life, 55 boasts an impressive Scottish Gin drinks menu and sets itself up as a promising new weekend venue.

Where to next?

If you’d asked me in the past I’d have had a whole host of suggestions for your next steps from 55, however sadly many of these are no longer in business.

Welsh Rare Bits is a gorgeous little gift shop that truly has something for everyone. Whether or not you’re there to purchase, a warm welcome is always given and plenty of time to peruse.


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