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ORDO: A Toothpaste to Get Your Teeth Into

*This blog post contains gifted products for review*

This post is slightly out of the norm for my usual beauty content, but nothing helps you feel and look your best than a fresh and clean mouth.

I was sent a tube of ORDO toothpaste to try out and share my thoughts on by Pinwheel PR, I’ll preface this by saying that before now I’d never really thought about the products I’m using to keep my mouth clean – but when you think about it, your toothpaste is probably one of the things to think most carefully about.

I usually pick up whichever toothpaste I can get for £1 while I’m food shopping and don’t pay much attention to its claims, but in the 26 years I’ve been brushing my teeth I can honestly say I’ve never been particularly overwhelmed by a toothpaste.

ORDO looks strikingly different to your general top sellers of toothpaste, the clean and bright packaging reflects the ‘want’ of the product, as ultimately you’re only going to repurchase something that tastes good and does a good job.

“Our toothpaste has been specially formulated with oral care professionals to give an optimum, all-round clean; helping strengthen enamel, protect gums, remove plaque and gently restore natural whiteness.”

Both vegan and cruelty free, the toothpaste is suitable for sensitive teeth and with it being SLS free, it means it’s better for skin too. SLS isn’t necessarily bad for skin, but by its foaming nature it can be drying and cause irritation and inflammation both in the mouth and on the skin.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the toothpaste really, in my mind I was thinking that the product would feel a bit thick and go on like a coating, but actually if I didn’t know anything about what SLS are and what they do I wouldn’t notice anything different about it.

The Dual Mint flavour is really refreshing, and for a wimp like me, not overly strong – I struggle with mouthwashes as I find them to burn and make my mouth uncomfortable.

If I passed this on a shelf of dental products I’m not sure I’d assume straight away that it was a toothpaste packet, it wouldn’t look out of place on display in a salon or spa, and really that’s the cleansing effect it has upon use.

A final thought on the toothpaste is that with the tube being made from fully recyclable HDPE, ORDO hasn’t used that as an excuse to skyrocket the price of the product as happens all too often.

You can purchase ORDO in Boots for £4 along with their full range of products.

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