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Rapid Review: Beauty Pie Japanfusion Cleanser

The Japanfusion Cleanser was the first Beauty Pie product I tried when I took out a subscription, and this was a lovely product to use.

In terms of price, this is super affordable – it does tend to fluctuate in price but currently checks in at £8.48. The cleanser itself comes in a handy to use tube, easily identifiable with Beauty Pie’s classic packaging style.

This gel-to-oil-to-milk cleanser melts away under fingertips and effortlessly removes all traces of makeup, even the most stubborn of mascara is no match for this Vitamin E-infused product. Another added ingredient of the Japanfusion Cleanser is Jabara Extract which is rich in Vitamin C, helping to prevent the appearance of blemishes and prevent early signs of aging.

A great element of this cleanser is that a little goes a long way and still manages to do the job effectively whether using for a first or second cleanse, inspired by K Beauty it effectively balances skin leaving the face soft and smooth.

While I don’t currently have a Beauty Pie membership, this is a product that would definitely incentivise me to rejoin in future – however I do have a couple of these stashed for using when my current tube runs out.

9/10 The only negative I have for this product is that I do find it quite tricky to get the very last dregs of product out.

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