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Rapid Review: Sol de Janeiro Shampoo and Conditioner

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

*This blog contains affiliate links*

Usually I stick to the products I’m used to, but I had a sample of the Sol de Janeiro Shampoo and Conditioner from a FeelUnique order and wanted to give it a whirl.

The first thing that I really liked about these products is that they stay true to the scent we know and love that has become synonymous with the brand, along with it’s vibrant yellow packaging.

Of the two, I definitely preferred the conditioner. Whilst using the shampoo I found it quite difficult to lather and once it had done, it left my hair feeling very tangled and dry so it was perhaps a little too stripping for me. On the other hand, the conditioner was a real pleasure to use. The product looked almost pearlescent and smoothed into my hair well and upon blow-drying, left my hair shiny and soft.

An added bonus was that the fragrance from the shampoo and conditioner lasted on my hair really well, I noticed that whenever I took my hair down from a bun the scent was really obvious, but not in a nauseating or unpleasant way.

7/10 You can pick up Sol de Janeiro’s shampoo and conditioner from LookFantastic using my exclusive code LFTFLUCYMCOUAT.

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