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Rapid Reviews: Confidence in an Eye Cream

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Confidence in an Eye Cream is a serious multi-tasker that moisturises, brightens and colour corrects to help show off fresh and hydrated peepers. Containing a whole host of skin-enhancing ingredients, squalene and ceramides work overtime to become your latest must-have eye cream.

Suitable to be used both in the morning and at night, a little goes a long way with this thick, creamy product. The apricot tint that helps to colour correct does give a slight fragrance, but nothing overwhelming or irritating for sensitive eyes.

I generally tend to alternate this with a Retinol eye cream, with this being such a heavy formulation it’s great to combat any dry or flaky patches and it’s plumping collagen properties mean that fine lines are reduced, elasticity is improved, and concealer doesn’t sink in leaving a tell-tale crêpey texture.

If you don’t have super oily lids, Confidence in an Eye Cream makes a brilliant eye shadow base – preventing settling into creases and offering up a perfect canvas with the inclusion of licorice root which provides antioxidants and helps to improve uneven skin tone.

I’d recommend buying a sample pot of this eye cream before committing to a full-size as the pot lasts forever and it lets you make sure it agrees with your skin type, this hydrating duo will help leave skin radiant and refreshed.

10/10 I can’t fault this product at all!

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