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Rapid Reviews: Eve Lom Cleansing Balm

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I’ve been using a travel sized pot of this Eve Lom cleanser I got inside the 2020 LookFantastic advent calendar and when I shared a photo of it on Insta I was inundated with people telling me how fab it was.

Honestly, I’m both underwhelmed and really not keen on this cleanser at all. Firstly, the texture is odd – it’s very granular and difficult to melt into skin. Secondly, the scent is really unpleasant.

The key ingredients include clove oil, chamomile oil and eucalyptus oil – I couldn’t tell you what a clove smelled like so this may be the culprit!

There is a full routine on the product page which involved steaming your face with a cloth repeatedly to allow the oils to drain toxins from your face – I haven’t done this as I don’t have the time, or inclination to spend any more time with this scent on my face than I have to, and I don’t know how much I believe these claims. However, I could be wrong and this is not my hill to die on.

If you aren’t a fan of strong scent in your skincare - cloves in particular, this is not the product for you.

Verdict: Unfortunately I’m giving this a 3/10. It does what it says on the tin, but I can’t get past the smell and I’m not a fan of the faff involved in using the product ‘correctly’’.

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