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Rapid Reviews: Future Dew Oil Serum Hybrid

So being completely honest I wasn’t really sure what the Glossier Future Dew product even was; an oil combined with serum but also the last step in your routine was a bit of a contradiction to me. I used it one day where I had nowhere to be and my skin wasn’t acting super dry and I was able to use this without moisturiser.

I comes out looking tinted like a foundation, but lovely and runny and when applied to the skin gives off an almost holographic sheen rather than a tint. I wasn’t sure whether it would just make my round, red face look comically shiny – but instead it gave a luminescent glow and made me look like a healthier version of me!

Obviously it isn’t a magic wand, but I’m going to give it a try underneath proper makeup and see whether it still works; but if not, it’s ideal for a ‘no makeup’ day where you still want to look as though you have a bit of life in you.

At £23 for 30ml I want to make sure it completely agrees with my other skincare before I go for it again.

Verdict: 9/10 light, brightening and glowy. Knocking a point off because haven’t tried it under foundation yet.

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