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Rapid Reviews: Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I picked up a couple of Glossier products at the beginning of the month when they accidently ran a 50% promo for a few hours; this Milky Jelly Cleanser was one of them, I had recently run out of what I’d been using so I thought that the consistency of this would work well either as my morning cleanser or a second cleanse in the evenings on days where I’ve had makeup on.

I picked up the 60ml this retails usually at £8 with the 177ml bottle at £15.

First up, I will say that it’s an incredibly gentle product – I deal with very irritated eyes and they weren’t bothered by me using this to cleanse my eyelashes. It comes out of the pump looking suspiciously like a silicone primer but it melts into the skin gently and rinses off easily. I will say that it doesn’t react when adding water, so it can be a little more difficult to tell whether you’ve managed to remove all product or not.

The smell is a little strange, from reviews I expected it to smell floral, or slightly rose scented; however I can’t stop thinking that the products smell like Playdoh. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but it is a little odd.

Verdict: 7/10 pleasant and gentle, but didn’t knock my socks off. Would probably repurchase.

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