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Rapid Reviews: Glow Recipe Blueberry Cleanser

I picked this up as part of a mini collection on Cult Beauty, drawn in by the fruity scents and cute packaging. While I like the almost-novelty vibe of the Glow Recipe products, I really couldn’t get on with this cleanser.

I was really hoping that this gel cleanser could become a staple as I do love a gentle and fragrant scent in my products. However, the gel formula left my skin feeling stripped and uncomfortable after use, rather than gently cleansed and feeling soft. When using this product, it may be useful to note that less as certainly more.

While I’m a fan of many of the other Glow Recipe products, this feels harsh and although it does loosen up once water is added, it still feels too dehydrating for skin, particularly for those dealing with dry or dehydrated complexions.

Having used this I’d be inclined to stick to an oil or balm cleanser to ensure skin is cleansed and hydrated rather than left feeling taught and dry.

3/10 I didn’t entirely despise this cleanser as I didn't mind the scent, but I would not spend money to repurchase.

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