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Rapid Reviews: No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced BB SPF 50

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I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I haven’t always been as ‘on it’ in terms of SPF as I should have been, in order to rectify this I picked up the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense BB Facial Serum SPF 50 to try and reduce any damage going forward at least.

You may have seen the graphics across Instagram highlighting how much product you should be using to ensure an adequate level of protection, and when I attempted to use this approach with the No7 BB Facial Sun Protection the results were laughable.

I purchased the shade Fair and when applying it I noticed that it was pretty pigmented and when applying even half of the recommended amount for adequate sun protection it made skin really dark and completely saturated with oil.

The BB Cream didn’t settle on the skin, even when using a powder on top which meant that the product transferred to anything unfortunate to touch my face such as my t-shirt, hair and car seat as I leant into the back seat…

Generally I like No7 products, their skincare capsules are among my favourite and I’ve used bits and pieces of their makeup for a long time, but I’d be put off buying any of their SPF or BB creams.

2/10 – I guess you can’t dislike something for attempting to provide sun protection, however this was really disappointing.


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