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Rapid Reviews: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%

I was pretty late joining The Ordinary hype train, I had never tried any of their range and acquired this serum in a beauty box last year. On many of the beauty groups I’m a member of Niacinamide is raved about and appears to be the saviour of all.

Unfortunately I’ve yet to experience this myself, upon using just once my entire chin erupted into huge, sore lumps that no matter how much squeezing I did, weren’t budging. I tried again a few months later to the same result, so instead of torturing myself I cut my losses and ditched the spot-inducing serum.

From my research, it tends to be the zinc element of the product that doesn't agree with users, so I may yet find a Niacinamide product that works the wonders that I'd heard.

To come back to the product itself, the clear liquid works well with the dropper as it’s slightly more viscous than water and so you don’t find yourself struggling to hold the product in the pipette, it’s also pretty fragrance free which is good for anyone that prefers not to be overwhelmed with scent while doing their skincare.

Verdict: 1.5/10 only because the bottle is pretty ubiquitous.

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