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Review: Jane Scrivner Skincare

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

You know when you read recommendations and reviews about certain brands and can’t tell whether you’re caught up in the hype of other enthusiasts? I was in this situation recently.

When Caroline Hirons launches her kits, there are often new brands that come to the fore and one of these was Jane Scrivner.

I like when a brand has a person’s name attached, I know it means absolutely nothing but I find that it’s a little more relatable than an anonymous brand.

In Caroline Hirons’ Autumn Kit 2, the Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser 100ml was included, I think for many of Hirons’ followers this was their first encounter with Jane Scrivner products. There were lots of questions on the Skincare Freaks Facebook group and I was pretty intrigued due to how much interested had been generated so quickly.

There is nothing more pleasing than fresh, healthy skin looking back at you from the mirror in the morning, it starts your day, it sets you up and it imbues a confidence that you just can’t buy.
My motivation is to get you that skin. To repair the damage, reconfigure and replace what is lost to return your natural glow.

A major factor in buying new products, particularly from a brand I’m new to is the price point. I can read people reviewing high end products - inluding Scrivner's - until they’re blue in the face but if I can’t try the product and see how it works on my skin I’m not interested.

After checking out the website, I was surprised by the range and apparent quality of the products, the white and rose gold packaging looking both professional and pretty at the same time.

The Skincare 5 A Day System is your recipe for healthy skin at SOURCE. Skin that solves the problem itself, skin strong and healthy enough to recover and glow. Healthy skin keeps the properties of youthful skin, elasticity, luminescence, clarity, tone and texture. Healthy skin is flawless and ageless.

The five step JS routine was what I fancied trying, but with a price tag of £137 it’s pretty hefty for a first purchase. What I do like about the JS products is that you can buy a sample size of any product in the range for just a couple of pounds, so instead of dropping that amount of money in a oner you can try each product a couple of times to see whether or not it agrees with you.

The samples I ordered were;

Nourishing Cleanser 5ml with Extra Fluffy Mitt

Skinfoliate 3ml

Bioluronic Buzz 3ml

Rose Gold 3ml

OO Cream 5ml

Alongside the samples, I received a product card for each which outlined the ingredients, benefits, how to use and the order in which to use them. This was especially helpful for me given that I’m still not completely au fais with my product layering and the order that things need to go in.

Each of the liquid samples have maybe three uses in them, while I’d say that both creams have a little bit more in them.

So, what do I think of the products?

Nourishing Cleanser

This was the product I’d seen so many mixed reviews about, some saying they loved it, some saying they didn’t and others lamenting that they couldn’t get on with it due to it not being a lathering formulation so I didn’t go into my first try of it expecting greatness; yet that’s what I found. So many of the reviews mentioned that a little goes a long way so I’ve only used a little at a time but it gives the skin a beautifully soft and silky feel. I’ve yet to try using it on makeup – we are in a pandemic after all – so I don’t know how effective it would be at melting away foundation and mascara. It’s very thick and waxy but melts immediately and leaves skin glowing.


A mixture of BHA and AHAs, Skinfoliate is a recipe for gorgeous, healthy skin while removing dead cells, keeping skin smooth, strengthening and protecting. This sample came in a little perfume-style spray bottle, upon spraying onto a cotton pad, I found that it smelled quite strongly of vinegar, however I really like the feeling of it on my skin. I focused on my problem areas; my chin, the sides of my nose and my forehead and instantly I felt that it looked smoother and brighter.

Bioluronic Buzz

Containing hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid, this gel works to replenish and support your skin barrier function. Silky soft, the product can be smoothed into the skin attracting up to 1,000x hydration. The addition of Spilanthes Acmella helps to reduce tension on facial muscles and smooths micro wrinkles and lines, clinical studies report that 75% of patients have seen the smoothing effects of use.

Rose Gold

This facial oil contains Jojoba oil which promotes collagen production and elastin while balancing skin types, including sensitive skin. The oil works to soothe, moisturise and reduce redness. Rich in vitamins, fatty acids and Omega, the oil features antioxidant properties that regenerates skin cells and repairs damaged tissue. The small molecule size is able to penetrate the skin and carry nutrients to deeper layers.

OO Cream

This over-oil cream locks in all of the nutrients of your skincare routine, creating a thin layer that protects against trans epidermal water loss – this is due to a combination of organic and natural ingredients. The inclusion of beta-glucan rich colloidal oatmeal strengthens and repairs the skins matrix, while also being rich in linoleic acid, argan oil and pro-vitamin A. The OO Cream is applied over your facial oil to lock in moisture, nourish and protect - at it does all this while feeling extra luxe.

The five step process is the first where I’ve felt that each part works effectively and isn’t just there as a filler. Even from the first use of the products I felt a noticeable difference in my skin, those irritating little bumps that plague my chin felt smooth and the combination of the oil and OO cream left my skin feeling moisturised and supple.

I have a whole shelf full of products to work my way through, so at the moment I’m not going to purchase anything full-size (as much as I’d love to!) but when I’m back in the market for products, Jane Scrivner will be the first brand on my mind.

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