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Shopping My Feelings

*this blog post contains affiliate links*

Happy Sunday guys, we’re so close to the end of the weekend and honestly I am so glad that tomorrow is a bank holiday.

I had a hard week, so I’m looking forward to another day of not having to answer my emails or calls and just spending some time in my own wee bubble.

I’m not particularly into self-care as I mentioned on my Instagram this week, but I think once I’ve done a tidy up, lit some candles and used all my favourite fancy shower stuff I’ll feel a lot better.

I’m not trying to be super woe is me, but I’m keeping it real.

When I’m stressed or feeling a bit rubbish I do live in the belief that being a bit spendy will fix my problems, it doesn’t, but I’d rather be miserable with a glowy face than miserable with a face like sandpaper.

And so, I wanted to show you my latest purchases. Some necessary, others not so – I’ll let you make up your mind on which is which.

Strictly speaking I think this is for oily skin, which I certainly don’t have, but I really have an excess of sebum on my nose and I’m hoping and praying that this will dry it up a little. I sit at my desk with my makeup mirror off to the side, so at least once a day I find myself extracting gunk from my face which is super gross, but also really cathartic.

A couple of months ago I got a sample of the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant and to be honest I didn’t fall in love immediately. I was expecting a cream, and what I received was a super thick balmy texture which I find smells very much like the wax your beautician uses. I was a little put off by this, as were many others judging by feedback.

Occasionally my lips really suffer with dryness, I think it’s a combination of a change in weather, face masks and probably using acids too close to my lip line – so my top lip was peeling painfully and I wasn’t feeling sensations properly. The Skin Protectant was just the thing and is the only thing I’ve found so far that helps with this issue. Having finished the sample size, I wanted to buy the fullsize, but for an extra pound I could get the All Over Miracle Oil and Miracle Hydrating Mist. So I’m feeling very hydrated and bougie me.

Glow Pineapple Moisturise(currently on 3 for 2)

I love when Boots bring out their own ranges, their Vitamin C cream is among my absolute favourites and at just £4 is a pretty guilt-free purchase. However I feel as though they’ve either missed the mark with this one, or I just don’t have the right skin type for it.

This is a dense gel formula with quite a heavy fragrance, this doesn’t put me off though I know it might for others. I’ll use it, though not under makeup as it doesn’t pack enough of a hydrating punch, its maybe one for a day in the house after a face mask. If you have oily skin and like your skincare to smell good then I’d suggest you give this a little try, but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Talk about non-essential purchases! I got a sample of this in a Debenhams months ago when I was in looking at perfumes, at the time I was very sceptical of a foundation at this price point, how good can it be?

Dear reader, it’s great.

It gives a pretty full coverage and lasts all day with no flaking and minimal creasing – as I creep towards becoming an old hag this is very important. I’ve also managed about three full-face applications from the sample – and there’s still loads left, so a little does really go a long way as I have a lot of face to cover.

I wasn’t able to get a sample of the primer in store, but that may be my next Sad Girl purchase, stay tuned!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts!

There are some great deals on both LookFantastic and Boots right now, and I'm not gonna say the C word just yet, but I'm definitely starting to stock up!

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