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Showcasing The Real Luxe

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Long gone are the days of squashed butts and cramped legs.

Showcase Cinema de Lux has well and truly arrived.

We were given a couple of tickets that needed to be used, so we used them as a wee pre-valentine night out.

Luckily (or not) the latest instalment of the Star Wars series The Last Skywalker was still showing, it came out just before Christmas but we hadn’t had a chance to see it, so it was the perfect excuse.

The Showcase De Lux underwent a huge facelift at the tail end of 2019, with some serious upgrades. The best bit? No rise in ticket prices!

The 14-screen cinema isn’t the most local to us, but it’s by far the best in Glasgow.

Apart from the front and back exits looking exactly the same – which causes a panic when you leave and think your car’s been stolen – the Showcase De Lux is super retro in all the right ways.

With the revamp including a new bar and eatery options, it has all the luxury you need but retains some of its vintage styling.

The real highlight comes in the form of leather recliners in each screen.

Showcase de Lux has definitely gone above and beyond to deliver real comfort and style to its customers by actually decreasing the number of seats in the screens and each one has an easy to use movement setting and cup holders.

We were lucky in that the showing we attended was pretty quiet, however this new layout means that you won’t be shuffling to see past someone in front’s head – there’s nothing more annoying!

To make the most of the experience, guests can also sign up to Showcase Insider where you can earn 10% back in rewards on everything you spend and access to special screenings, exclusive competitions and member-only offers.

I hadn’t planned to write up the refurb hence why my photos are so mince, but was so impressed I felt I had to! Would you like me to share more about the cinema on my next visit?


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