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Small Plate Sensations

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It's no secret that I'm a bargain hunter, but I really appreciate when people buy me presents using sites like Itison and 5pm.

Obviously I love getting gifts - who doesn't, but I know that you're definitely getting the best bang for your buck.

At Christmas I was given a voucher for Horn Please in Finneston, I'd seen it before but had never paid particular attention to it.

Having gotten through the never-ending month of January, we booked for the beginning of February and we were really pleasantly surprised.

The deal we used was an Itison, with 8 small plates and a bottle of prosecco for £39,representing a great saving with the 'before' price showing as £82.

What I've noticed across different restaurants in Glasgow is that the definition of 'small plate' can vary greatly - for some it is literally a small plate with a little sample of a dish, while others are very generous in their portioning. Horn Please is certainly one of the latter.

We had initially factored in having to use a couple of our plates on sides such as rice and breads, however some of the dishes came with sides.

We usually pick something each and then share the rest of the plates, so the small plate style really suits us.

Having looked online, the menu on their website isn't exactly the same as the one in the restaurant - so I'm not sure whether the menu has changed since our visit or the online one hasn't been updated.

We went for a chicken pakora and mini poppadom to start with; the pakora was nice but pretty much what you'd expect. I wasn't totally keen on the poppadoms, they were little mini ones and we're probably the weakest of the dishes we took.

There was a Dal which was nice but was cold which seemed weird as I've only had it hot before, it was still really tasty though.

The gram flour yoghurt curry was a serious high point, with veg pakora and okra, there was so much to it and it was just so different. If I go back it'll 100% be on my order.

As I said, we usually pick something to have ourselves and since I'm a bit of a wuss I went for a butter chicken which was divine - lovely and mild with so much flavour! Simon went for a lamb curry which did have a kick to it but was much more palatable than some of the things he generally orders!

Other dishes we shared were the chicken tikka and the potato curry - so we definitely got a decent variety and felt that we had chosen a really good selection.

We added on a paratha which was incredible, I always like to add a bread on as it's handy to use up some of the leftover sauces.

We had the table for 90 minutes, it was a Saturday and the place busied up as we are so it seems to be the type of place you really need to book ahead.

After our feast we headed across to the Lorne hotel - home to one of my favourite Indian restaurants incidentally - for a pint of Tennant's and a strawberry margarita.

All in, Horn Please was a cracking shout and for us a little bit of a hidden gem.


Did you enjoy my Horn Please review? Let me know - be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my posts.


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