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The Battle Between Luxury and Longevity

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Let me begin by being completely honest I that I don't see the appeal of a fancy hotel.

Yes, it's a little bit of luxury you don't get at home and generally much comfier beds - but the cost of a night in anything with a hint of opulence is going to set you back.

However, I think I've had an epiphany.

I travelled to Dublin for work last week as I had been involved in a social media campaign to support a European Commission project.

When I heard 'all expenses paid trip' you can absolutely bet that I jumped at the chance. However it wasn't quite the Travelodge I expected, for the two nights we were in Dublin our digs were the Iveagh Garden Hotel.

Upon a quick Google, I can say with total honesty that I was buzzing.

With high ceilings, swanky lighting and opulent furnishings, I knew my mind was about to be changed.

I have to admit that the first thing I did was to film a quick room tour to send to Simon - not to gloat, but as he is of the same opinion of me I NEEDED him to see it too!

The deal-breaker for me is always the hotel bed. I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times, so often I really struggle in new places. The super high bed looked almost too good to get into!

Made up with crisp whites and mustard - it was almost like being at home!

Another saving grace for me was that the mattress was lovely and solid, as I have problems with my back there's nothing worse than a soft mattress.

The bathroom was beyond unreal too. The marble-effect tiles were gorgeous and the walk in shower to die for. I encountered that age-old issue when staying somewhere new; how the hell does the shower work!

It wasn't until it came to much later that I realised I couldn't quite figure out how to switch off all lights, after I managed to get as many off as possible, nodded off quite easily.

The carefully considered decor didn't end at the threshold of the room, with the corridors engulfing all passers through in a quiet, sedate hold giving the illusion that you're the only one on the floor with the thick, dampening carpet and gently lit hallway.

In fact the most impressive area may have been the foyer.

With a constant fire flickering in the corner, it made a large room feel much more intimate than it potentially could have felt.

Rich fabrics and sleek, sharp shapes created a stylish and comfortable area in which to wait, or to meet with staff balancing the line perfectly between nonchalant and overbearing.

As much as I loved my little luxury, I don't think that my penchant for budget accommodation is likely to change. I would always prefer to save a little on the cost of a hotel and have an extra night away or even just have a night where we can go out and try somewhere that's a little fancier than our usual.

Keep an eye out for my What Next? Section, I have a review for Dublin's Guinness Tour coming up pretty soon.


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