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Three Ways to Wear; the Leopard Quilted Jacket

An opener I find myself writing more and more frequently, ‘it’s ages since I’ve written one of these articles’!

But it has been a while, and without a full life update, things have been pretty hectic but I’m beginning to get everything under control.

I picked up this super cute quilted jacket from New Look last month, it instantly caught my eye and I knew I’d get plenty of wear out of it; and I really have.

It’s such a versatile piece, and I think it looks far more expensive than it is.

So what are my three ways to wear?

As always, I’ve styled the jacket in three ways to show how you could get the best cost per wear for your item.

  • Everyday

  • Workwear

  • Out-out




Or... if it's more up your street - what about a quilted leopard co-ord?

As always, comment below and let me know if you pick up something you spot in my post!



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