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#TogetherBand launch Clean Power campaign

#TogetherBand launch Clean Power campaign, inspiring a nationwide green energy movement in Glasgow.

#TOGETHERBAND is a non-profit campaign launched on Earth Day back in 2019 by sustainable brand BOTTLETOP in partnership with the UN Foundation and UBS – the world’s largest wealth manager.

Clean Power is an innovative campaign that supports the international desire to bring carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050 and limit the global temperature rise to 1.5c.

Almost three quarters of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy we use in our day to day lives, Clean Power is aiming to raise awareness of our fossil fuels crisis point and provide clear and clean energy solutions throughout this global climate emergency.

Art instillations are being erected throughout Glasgow in partnership with Glasgow City Council and Scottish Canals. These will include 40 giant flags that will line Speirs Wharf and a 53-metre fence that will run along Carrick Street in front of the Sustainable Glasgow Landing and the Landing Hub. This venue hosts an exciting interactive space boasting a free events programme with panels featuring environmental defenders and short films to spark debate. At the Sustainable Glasgow Landing, an avenue of local and international exhibitors will showcase the people, companies and tech helping Glasgow reach it’s target of net zero by 2030.

The Clean Power art instillations veer into interactive art with QR codes linked to cleanpower.eco to allow visitors to pick up energy saving tips and information about renewables and Scottish wind farms. The site provides key scientific advice from climate experts on how governments can tackle the climate crisis to ensure a positive future for all; banning fossil fuels, transitioning to electric transport and endeavouring to end deforestation.

The art instillations have been designed by Morag Myerscough with her ambition to capture attention, inspire action and spearhead change creating change for all that are lucky enough to view it.

“My work is synonymous with bold colours and powerful positive messaging. It is so wonderful to see iconic sites filled with colour and hope. With this work I wanted to put out an optimistic approach towards our future, if we work together we can help make the changes we need to happen. The oranges, greens and blues represent the sun, sea and air that we need to power ourselves to a renewable future.” Morag Myerscough

The pop up Sustainable Glasgow Landing Hub brings life to a vacant space by the Clydeside and will double as a social hub where all are welcome.

A full programme of Landing Hub events can be found here.

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