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Top Five New Year Perfumes For Her

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Fragrances are such a personal thing, for some people a spritz can send them back in time, while for others it can evoke memories they’d rather were left unstirred. For me, a whiff of Kenzo Flower has me 7 years old again in my mums bedroom while she was getting ready, she’s always been into scents and this was her signature for a long, long time. Similarly, I had a text from my brother recently who had bought a candle and remarked that it really reminded him of our gran, it had a key note of Tuberose in it, so I guess what ever scent he associated with her must have been quite strong in this.

“This stuff is worth loving. As with the tawdriest pop melody, there is a base pleasure in perfume, in just about any perfume, even the cheapest and the most starved of ideas, that is better than no perfume at all.” Perfumes: The A-Z Guide Turin and Sanchez.

To mark the new year I wanted to share my top five scents that I find myself reaching for most frequently, you may find that you know you like a couple of these so might help to point you in the direction of your next favourite fragrance.

This was my festive fragrance this year, each year I generally get a perfume from my Mum and after hearing me rave about this for months, managed to pick me up a 100ml bottle. The first thing that struck me about the bottle is its understated beauty when compared with other Gucci bottles like Memoir. The rosy pink, retro-styled porcelain bottle is a perfect match for my general life, and the scent, well, it’s something else entirely. With a top note of Jasmine, this gives a beautifully floral aroma initially and its middle note of Tuberose blends smoothly to then wear really well over the course of the day. I find that it has great longevity, particularly when accidently spritzed onto a faux fur coat!

This was a fragrance that I discovered early in 2021, I don’t even know where I first encountered it, but it was one of those ones that you lust over for months and then when you buy it you fall in love all over again. It’s such a gorgeous scent that my Mum ended up buying it too after smelling it on me, though she then caught Covid and couldn’t smell it for months later! A modern blend of Jasmine and Vanilla Bourbon with Pink Pepper and Blackcurrant gives this fragrance a real edge. I find this fragrance wears really well throughout the course of a day and it’s a scent that lingers long after you’ve left.

The French word for ‘free’, Libre gives a nod towards YSL’s most central value, Freedom. In the modern day, freedom on the contemporary woman looks strong, bold and authentic. The blend of Moroccan orange blossom, and lavender create a long-lasting, almost androgynous scent that is fresh and distinctive. Crisp and floral, this scent is perfect for spring but is also complimented by headier autumn and winter spices. This has become my go-to fragrance for dressing up as it feels super sophisticated.

Definitely the most expensive scent I’ve ever worn, Acqua Di Parma’s Rosa Nobile is the epitome of luxury and represents the sophisticated brand accurately. The top notes in this scent are Mandarin, Bergamot and Pepper with its middle notes of Rose, Peony, Violet and Lily of the Valley building a truly indulgent fragrance. The dry down introduces Musk, Cedar and Ambergris. This can have quite a harsh initial impression due to the sharpness of the Rose, but with a little patience it will soften into something a little more wearable and despite being such a floral fragrance, it isn’t a powdery Rose that reminds you of an elderly aunt.

Fresh and comforting, a real darling of a scent. Lancome have come under a lot of criticism for the shape of the Idole bottle with the concern that it doesn’t stand on a vanity or shelf, which is true – but it’s also very easily transported in a small clutch due to its sleek design and understated shape. The top notes in Idole are Pear and Bergamot with Jasmine and Rose at the heart and then a base of White Musk and Vanilla; if you were to buy this blind I’d say it’s a very safe fragrance to go for – it’s not outlandish nor is it overpowering. If anything I’d say this is a more sophisticated perfume that makes me think of satin shirts and glossy lips.

Remember, if you're able to it's always best to have a chance to spritz a new scent on you before committing to a purchase, some fragrances just don't work for some, whist other times, something that smelled incredible on a friend may not sit right with you. Also, shop around for the best prices and any offers that are running to make the most of your money!

As much as these are my top recommendations, I’d love to hear your favourite scents – do you wear any of these but have something similar you love? Let me know, so I can sniff it down on my next trip to Boots!

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