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Valentines Gift Guide

*This article contains affiliate links*

Whether or not you buy into it or think it's a huge con, Valentines Day is a huge event in the UK with 76% of people expected to celebrate.

According to Finder.com, 25% of those who live apart plan to facetime or video call on the the 'most romantice day of the year' - while a projected 30% of people would break lockdown regulations in order to spend time together.

Lets not kid ourselves that the 14th of February is all about the romance, lots of us go daft for valentines day gifts however this year sees the amount we're willing to spend drop dramatically.

Personally this year we've gone the opposite way, we don't always buy actual gifts in favour of a meal out - but this year that hasn't been an option.

So, what are my suggestions for the person that potentially has everything?

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase - £14.99

Satin pillowcases are all the rage right now. Attributed to reducing fine lines and working to prevent the dreaded ‘bedhead’, these can often cost a pretty penny. This one from Kitsch is £14.99, which is still a little pricey for a single pillowcase – but if you’re looking to buy one anyway, this will leave less of a dent in your pocket than others.

Resin Coaster - £9.50 each

I’m completely obsessed with watching resin art on TikTok and love how creative people can be with it. These resin coasters aren’t quite as flamboyant as some of the dried flower products with iridescent powder and glitter through them, but they’ll certainly add a bit of style to a side table or sideboard.

Lancome Idole Giftset - £50.99

The loss of Debenhams will be a devastating one for the high street, and currently there are huge reductions on their site on everything from beauty to knitwear. Idole is one of my favourite perfumes and I managed to snap up a giftset myself after Christmas, and this is a perfect gift for anyone that likes a fresh, floral scent. One of my favourite things about Idole is actually the bottle. I know, I know; I always go on about not being bothered about packaging – however! The style of this perfume bottle makes even a large bottle so clutch-friendly! In fact, it would fit in your back pocket if you so wished.

This gift set pairs the 50ml bottle with a 2ml sample size of their new Hypnose Volume-A-Porter mascara so that you don’t just smell beautiful, but your eyelashes are too.

Bloom & Wild Letterbox Blooms (£10 credit with referral)

I love flowers and I love sending flowers, since discovering Bloom and Wild at the tail end of last year I’ve sent these for a few, wildly varying reasons and I love how you can customise every part of the gift, note and card, then track the order right up until it hits the doormat.

With different bunches to suit those that like the more colourful flowers and those that prefer a ‘wilder’ look, there is a gift to suit everyone.

If I can give anyone buying flowers a tip on Valentines day; don’t buy roses (unless you’ve been explicitly asked to). The prices are so inflated that you’re buying into the hype rather than the product – my suggestion? The Leanne is both soft and sophisticated, and letterbox friendly!

The Sub - £109

Beerwulf's Sub is a state-of-the-art home beer tap with a compact design, meaning that any spot in your home can convert into a home bar with the flick of a switch. The cooling tech inside chills your beer keg to the perfect temperate for each pour to produce a pint that just *chef’s kiss* every time.

Coming in black, red or metallic red; the best value is to purchase as a Starter Kit for four kegs for just a tenner extra (these are generally £10.99 each)

Menkind Lap Desk - £25

Nine months into the pandemic, most of us are still working at home with no real return to work on the horizon. If you’re anything like my husband, you’ll jump at the chance to work from the couch (fluffy blanket and a strong coffee optional), but there’s nothing worse that trying to take notes or focus on a task with notebooks sliding all over the uneven surface. Enter Menkind with their Lap Desk. With a cushioned pad on the underside, it has a built in mousepad and a wee snug to keep your phone safe (and stop you playing solitaire.)

Hairy Bikers Mini Pie Maker - £35

I feel like this doesn’t really need any justification. Who doesn’t like a wee pie? This non-stick machine makes two deep-fill pies and measuring less than your average ruler, this takes up far less space than the crepe maker you wore you’d use weekly, the wok you’ve used twice and about the same space as the bread maker you keep finding old, stale bagels in. oh, just me?

Coogan London Blue Sole Boots - £65

For the first time ever this year I was given a nudge towards something I could pick up for my husband Simon for Valentines day, and it’s not what I expected at all. These Coogan London boots are a far cry from what you might pick up at your local Primark, but by god are they cool? The dark brown leather is quite a stark contrast against the teal soles, and the brogue detailing on the toe sets these apart from your standard brown boots. At £65 these aren’t quite a steal, but I’ve spent money on far worse!

With just over a week to go, will you be shopping for Valentines Day?


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