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Who To Follow Friday

Fridays are traditionally a day for shouting loudly about who you think people need to know about, posts are taken over by #FF and each week you come across something a little bit magical through recomendations.

This week, I wanted to join in – but share a little about why each of these accounts should be added to your following list!

I don’t remember how or when I came across Kate, all I know is I’m glad I did!

With her day job in music – and some very cheeky sneak peeks on occasion – paired with her bangin’ dress sense, Kate is incredibly cool.

Sharing her fashion finds, there’s a weekly email covering everything from The Shorts to have, to the perfect khaki jacket.

Perhaps it’s her numerous and personable cats that won me over, my favourite posts are those featuring Dave on a neighbours roof, Dave curled up on the sofa, Dave…

Okay, maybe I follow for Dave.

I found Yvonne Telford's account through Kate at Wears My Money strangely enough. She had tagged an incredible outfit in a post and upon checking out their page I became utterly obsessed with Kemi Telford.

African-inspired patterns and designs, each of the pieces is so beautiful and ‘extra’ – but not quite in my Primark-esque price point.

I kept my eye on the ‘sample’ section and eventually something popped up and I had to have it. And so I’m now the proud owner of an orange tiger-print midi skirt!

It isn't just the fashion that makes Yvonne someone that I want to know more about, Yvonne came from Nigeria in 1996 and subsequently studied law.

It's these layers to her story that fascinate me, and I plan to be a customer for a long time to come.

Just yesterday Ashley hit 100K on Instagram, and my god does she deserve it.

From Dublin, Ashley is one of my favourite faces on the ‘gram – and it’s not for what she wears or who she promotes, it’s what she stands for.

Ashley is so open and honest about the struggles she’s faced with her body, from her shape to self-image and it’s so refreshing to see.

Along with her sisters, the Kehoe's are a force to be reckoned with and certainly grab my attention more than the Kardashians.

I'm super excited to see what Ashley does next.

For my (now) father-in-law’s 60th a few years ago, we went to Paris to see the Tour de France.

I got to visit my beloved Monoprix (a French supermarket – my favourite holiday activity is a wander round the shops).

At the time, Karen Mabon had launched a collaboration with a home range.

I fell in love instantly with the intricate and colourful prints, fast forward a few years, I still love her designs as much and I’m making it a goal of mine to one-day own a pair of the iconic silky pyjamas.

They’re the cat’s pyjamas, if you will.

I live with much the same mantra as Jess from Gold Is A Neutral.

Living in London with her husband and two wee ones, I love watching the seamless transition from paddling in the inflatable pool in the garden to sharing her new kitchen plans – which have given me serious kitchen envy.

In fact, Jess just gives me full-blown house envy full stop!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that she had some substantial background working in interior design, but alas it’s just a seriously good eye and creative freedom!

Also, the pink Smeg. Need I say more?

Another Irish lass, this time from Belfast.

Claudia’s range of acrylic jewellery is to die for.

From personalised high-shine gold earrings that feature your name inside a giant heart, to statement necklaces with multi-coloured lettering, nothing about this brand is subtle or shy.

With a range of colours, finishes and products - everything is super personalised. When I eventually have somewhere to go, you know i'll be ordering a pair of these babies for my ears!

So definitely not your every-day jewellery, but absolutely divine nevertheless.

Who are your absolute must-follows?


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