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Plan a Wedding in Nine Weeks (4)

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The big white dress and a snazzy kilt are a staple at any Scottish wedding aren’t they?

The final part of my budget wedding series is here - I can hear the sighs of relief! You can click to catch up on #1, #2 and #3 here.

I always knew that I didn’t really want kilts on my wedding day – I can’t fully explain my dislike for them, obviously I’d have wavered if Simon was super keen but they wouldn’t be my choice.

Bride and groom are at the back of a church, the groom is wearing a white and turquoise suit with pink flamingos, the bride is wearing a white lace dress with long hair and has pink hair tied back

Luckily I married someone as bonkers as me – and even now people don’t believe that I didn’t choose Simon’s suit.

I want to start with a wee bit of a disclaimer, the dress I wore was the first I tried on, I bought it online and didn’t go to a single shop. If I’d had more time I’d have loved to try dresses on but was too stressed out for that to be an option.

It helps to know someone able to alter clothes for you – Simon’s mum is a seamstress and worked her magic for both of us in the lead up to the big day.

The high street has seriously upped its game in the style stakes when it comes to wedding wear.

I picked my dress from ASOS using my besties student code (ssh), this meant that instead of £100 I got it for just £90. I loved it but we had a few things to change.

Model with long dark hair wears a long sleeved white lace wedding dress

The body was too long for me, so it bunched around the middle - this looks like a two-piece but there was actually some nude coloured mesh holding it together.

We decided to make it work as a top and skirt instead while removing some of the puffiness as it did me no favours at all.

Jackie sewed pearls around the neckline and at the wrists and buttons for me as a wee something extra and it really made a difference.

You can find the dress here, though it is now £120 - still not steep for a dress that's going to be in all of your wedding pics!

My bridesmaids dresses came from a Chinese seller on eBay so I was fully expecting that for less than £20 each they might be a bit hit-or-miss.

Four girls stand against a white wall. all four are wearing matching dresses with a white lace top and pink long skirts, they are holding pink flowers

We ordered larger sizes as it’s easier to take in, but overall the dresses were surprisingly good. A couple were let out and a couple were nipped in – the main job was chopping the length off my goddaughters as she’s young and much smaller than the other girls. Jackie lined the dresses for us to make them more substantial and it really did the trick.

Simons outfit hunting was a little more straightforward, he’d spotted some fabulous suits on Opposuits and knowing he could get away with it, sorted him and his pals out with their flamboyant gear.

The groom is standing outside a church wearing a white and turquoise suit with flamingos, three groomsmen stand behind wearing turquoise suits with tulip pattern

The flamingo suit was *chefs kiss* and he coerced his pals into a turquoise suit with a pink tulip print, they’re very practical and I’m sure they’ll get the chance to wear them loads.

Each suit gives change from £65 – so not too outrageous considering that they come with a tie (there are some lovely plain-coloured suits on the site – don’t let our awful taste put you off!)

The navy tuxedo is the highest priced of the three highlighted here, coming in at £94.95 you're still getting change from one hundred quid - so not to be sniffed at. Both the yellow suit and the confetteroni suit retail at £64.95 though currently have 30% off, now is the time to buy if you're in the market!

That’s how we shopped, so I wanted to highlight that a wedding on a budget doesn't need to be understated or naff (depending on your stance regarding ludicrous suits of course).


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