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Three Ways To Wear; A Velvet Suit

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

As much as I love to follow fashion trends on Instagram, I tend to live vicariously through others as quite often my attempts are particularly disastrous.

With my own personal style having been described as 'bag-lady', 'awful' and 'downright hideous', I do my best not to take it personally (!). One person that does take it personally is my mum. You've never met someone this coordinated - she demonstrated the other day that her socks, pants and bra matched her t-shirt and scarf, it's obscene. So on some level I think I've rebelled and generally look like I've been dressed in the dark.

For a while I've wanted to do a Three Ways To Wear post, but the right item never caught my eye.

I'll be honest, I do shop an awful lot, but in doing so I try to act sensibly - by planning multiple distinct looks around one item I can decrease the cost per wear. Luckily I'm past the stage of being unable to be photographed in the same outfit twice; so as much as the outfits I've pulled together aren't for me specifically I will be looking to tailor them to my shape and style.

The velvet suit in question is currently in Dorothy Perkins' sale, I've had my eye on it since before Christmas and finally managed to get both parts in my size. The jacket is available here and the trousers here.

Each item I've included in this post - with the exception of the sequin top - is currently reduced, there's no reason you can't look good at an affordable price!

The first way I thought of styling it is to go pretty casual. It's quite an unusual outfit and already quite fancy so this may or may not work - if it looks hellish then we know I certainly don't have a future as a stylist.

I thought that teaming the suit with a casual t-shirt like the Adidas one shown would work to tone things down - with the leopard print trainers having a quirky edge to keep things interesting.

For outfit two, I thought that the suit would be perfect for a work event or presentation.

The tie-neck shirt gives an edge over the normal style, and with its looser fit adds a bit of masculinity to what could become a 'prissy' get up.

To contrast this, I added the rose gold block heels and chunky ring to add a little glamour; think tuxedos and louboutins.

Outfit three was an attempt at creating a look suitable for a big event.

The texture of the sequin top would - I think - contrast nicely with the velvet and together would give a real decadent feel.

Paired with equally glitzy shoes and stackable rings I think this would be a party-worthy look.

As I mentioned, these wouldn't all be my own personal style - I do advocate black tights in summer so I wouldn't listen to me anyway.

This is the first style-related blog I've created, so I would love feedback. Do you think any of the looks are something you'd go for? Let me know!



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