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REVIEW: WOW Fusion, does it have the WOW Factor?


Back in November I was contacted by Dr Meera who wanted to offer me a skin consultation and treatment. Before I start, I want to be completely transparent in that this was a gifted treatment, however this will not influence my opinion in any way.

I’ve never really had any professional treatments done before, I’ve had a facial or two but never anything that involved needles or any speciality products.

First things first, as with any aesthetics treatment, it’s really important to know who you’re putting yourself in the hands of. As her title would suggest, Meera is a Doctor, and so I knew that I would be with someone who knew exactly what she was doing. This is especially important if you’re booking in for fillers, Dr Meera offers this service too.

Dr Meera was immediately a super calming influence, as who wouldn’t be a little nervous when they’re having needles pressed into their face on a Saturday morning? The salon she’s based in (Clinic 45) had a lovely, calming atmosphere and I was welcomed in despite it being my first visit.

The WOW Fusion treatment that I had been invited in for almost sounded too good to be true! The all-rounder uses a personalised blend of ingredients to help you target specific skin concerns such as:

  • Dry skin

  • Dullness

  • Excess sebum

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Rosacea

  • Fine lines

  • Acne scarring

  • Hyperhidrosis

Before my treatment, Dr Meera talked through all the different types of skin targeting we could utilise and we decided to try to tackle my dry skin and excess sebum.

I spend far too much time with a blackhead extractor and a magnifying mirror trying to remove the (harmless!) unsightly sebum plugs from the sides of my nose, and no amount of AHA or BHA even touches them – so this was like a dream come true!

I had been advised that I may experience a slight bit of discomfort with the treatment but that the most common thing her patients experienced was a need to sneeze – and I had the exact same issue.

photo credit: https://wowfacial.co.uk/

The treatment was administered in a small cylindrical vial with hundreds of tiny needles at the top to evenly distribute the liquid into the top layers of skin.

The micro-needling helps stimulate collagen and elastin for a more youthful-looking skin and the WOW fusion serum hydrates, brightens, stimulates, and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

First, the treatment was applied across my forehead, I won’t lie and tell you that this was a walk in the park, but it certainly didn’t feel like ‘hundreds of tiny needles being pressed into your face’.

While all areas of my face were pretty sensitive, this was probably the least painful section – once it got started I was able to close my eyes and distract myself in conversation.

I mentioned before that Dr Meera was a very calming individual, but sometimes you just need a normal conversation to take your mind off things – especially in the last year – so it was great to chat about our pets (we both have cats) and her plans for the weekend. I’d say that the most painful area of the face was my upper lip, if you’ve ever tried to squeeze a spot on your upper lip then you’ll know – I think a small tear may have almost squeezed itself from my eye!

Once finished, Dr Meera talked me through the aftercare and what I should and shouldn’t do over the coming days. I think at this point it made such a difference that I was dealing with a medical professional that wasn’t leaving me with a freshly needled face and no direction.

When I returned to my car I was slightly alarmed by the redness of my face, and dismayed that I hadn’t thought to go for my food shopping before my appointment (god bless mums!), but made sure to snap a few quick photos to compare the progress in my skin.

That evening I cleansed as normal with a gentle cream cleanser and applied my usual night cream and experienced a small amount of nipping, but most of my products are quite fragranced so it was to be expected. Over the coming days I was so impressed with the transformation in my skin.

I was no longer experiencing a dry, flaky patch between my eyebrows or terribly textured skin on my chin. My strawberry nose looked clearer and my skin – for the first time ever – looked radiant with an even skin tone.

So what was my verdict?

I was really impressed by the results I had from the treatment, I imagine that booking in regularly for these would help deal with your targeted areas in a more permanent basis. I can’t comment on the additional options that Dr Meera offers on top of this product, but I do know that you’re in the best hands for administering these.

I think the WOW Fusion would be an ideal treatment ahead of a large event where you’re expecting to look your best such as a wedding or big birthday, obviously you need to do your own research into whether the treatment is something that would work for your skin type.

How can you find out more?

You can get in touch with Dr Meera through her Instagram page here, or find out more about her treatments through her Fresha page.


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