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Rapid Reviews: Fresh Soy Cleanser

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

This blog post contains affiliate links.

The first time I came across the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, I wasn’t really drawn to it.

I’m quite easily freaked out by products, whether in food or in my skincare. It’s the reason I haven’t ever converted to oat milk in my lattes – the idea of it makes me nauseous. But alas, we’re not talking about coffees.

With soy being such a key ingredient in this cleanser, I wasn’t sure what to expect – would it smell odd, or would it have an unusual texture? But actually I found that I loved this product.

This has become a firm favourite in my bathroom, it’s a lovely gentle product that works well on its own or as a double cleanse.

Applied to slightly damp skin, it melts in to skin and lightly emulsifies leaving skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but not stripped or tight.

This isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but one thing I do love about buying Fresh products is that they have a range of sizes available meaning that you can buy a much more palatable size of an item to test it out and see how it suits your skin and ensure it doesn’t trigger any breakouts.

Many of their other products have stronger fragrance and may not be for everyone so this prevents an expensive mistake.

9.5/10 There isn’t a single element of the product I’d change, every aspect of it works well together and is brilliant all-round - however I find the 200ml bottle a little bit difficult to dispense the product.

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