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Rapid Reviews: Glossier Soothing Facial Mist

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It was only after purchasing this product that I realised there were some less than favourable reviews regarding the product burning their skin. I don’t have the most resilient skin so I was slightly weary, but I needn’t have worried.

This spray comes with that familiar Playdoh/rosewater scent and I’m still saying that I’m into it.

When using the product, it comes out in a very fine mist which is great, as I use others that feel like you’ve been skooshed with a watergun! The only negative is that I think if you used this out and about you may lose product if there’s a breeze, and I find the liquid does sting my eyes slightly if I don’t make an effort to really squeeze them shut.

At £13 for 95ml of product, this is pretty middle-of-the-road pricewise, but I’ve used other mists for a fraction of the price that I feel do the same if not more.

A bonus with the Glossier products is that they’re all vegan and cruelty free so it makes it an easy task to find nice products that are sound in their ethics.

Verdict: 6/10, fine mist, light scent and an all round ‘okay product’, but nothing ground-breaking.

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