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Rapid Reviews: Monday Shampoo and Conditioner

This blog post contains affiliate links.

This is a rapid review that actually pained me to write, as I got caught up in a gardenia-scented aesthetic and wanted to love these products so much.

I ordered the Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner range from MONDAY via ASOS after seeing a review by one of their beauty buyers (I highly recommend following her for all things beauty) and I’ll admit I was sucked in by their cutesy colouring and sleek design.

The 100% recyclable packaging and vegan formula was just an added benefit – but one that helps me feel like I’m doing something positive.

With no SLS in the products, and a selection of hydrating ingredients I expected this to perhaps be a little more gentle on hair and feel more nourishing but I actually really struggled to use these.

I didn’t expect the shampoo to lather due to being SLS free, but it does to a certain extent – though doesn’t break down at all on hair either in order to massage into the scalp and cleanse. According to the brand, it washes away build up, oils and nourishes the scalp but what I found was that I spent ages trying to apply it to hair and as a result my hair was too knotted to get my fingers through.

Due to this, I hoped that the conditioner would be a real hero product that would inject a bit of hydration back into my hair, however, I found this to be quite thin and lacking any real impact. I still had to go to town on it with my TangleTeezer and conditioning spray.

2/10 The key ingredients in the formula are coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E but I won’t rush to repurchase. To be fair, these aren’t expensive products but a dud is still a dud.

To try for yourself, you can find out more about Monday here.


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